10 easy things you can do in just 29 minutes to help UnitedProsperity.org win

29 Jun

United Prosperity is competing in the Chase Community Giving Challenge. Individuals signed up on facebook vote for their favorite charities.  Chase will give the winning charity $250,000, the next 4 will get $100,000 and the next 195 will get $20,000.

You can do 10 easy things in just 29 minutes to help us win.

1. Read this blog – 3 minutes.

2. Vote for United Prosperity: http://bit.ly/b3OxAp – 1 minute.

3. Share with your friends on Facebook, Linkedin and twitter –3 minutes

4. Join the event ‘Chase For Giving – VOTE for United Prosperity’: http://bit.ly/aNfRph

Mark your status as ‘Attending’ – 1 minute.

5. Invite people to come for the event. Invite at least 10 friends – 2 minutes.

6. See if any of your friends are online on facebook chat or yahoo messenger or MSN messenger or google chat. A few are normally online.

Post a quick message for all your friends who are either online or away or have idle status.

“Hi .. Please join this event http://bit.ly/aNfRph and vote for United Prosperity. I just voted.”–5 minutes.

7. Compose an email for your friends and family asking them to vote for United Prosperity. The draft can be taken from the event page: http://bit.ly/aNfRph – 2 minutes.

8. Select people from your address book. Make sure that your family is copied. They will be proud. Finally send the email – 5 minutes.

9. Many of your friends whom you contacted through chat in step 6 would have replied by now. Most would say ‘Sure’ or ‘I did’ or ‘I voted’. Thank them and give them the link to this blog.

“Thanks a ton. Check this out: http://bit.ly/ax9K1N “– 2 minutes.

10. Relax, breathe deeply and enjoy the rush of feel good emotions– 5 minutes.

If at any time till July 12th, you want another rush of the feel good emotions then repeat steps 5 to 10. This time you will need just 21 minutes.

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