Release of version 1.3

15 Dec

Today, we are making the next release of our web platform – release 1.3 of site. I would like to highlight some of the major changes / features that have gone into this release. First there is a simpler and pleasing User Interface that is presented, thanks to Eileen for the UI design review, suggestions and changes. The changes have been made so as to make the navigation easier and more intuitive.


You will now be able to add contact information from your hotmail account (this feature was temporarily unavailable due to changes in the way MSN exposed contact information)


Any administrator within United Prosperity will now be able to get summaries of financial transactions on a daily basis using the new reports that have been implemented. The functionality to automatically generate and mail this data to a list of administrators has also been added. The reports UI also support ad-hoc queries on transaction activity for any give time frame. These reports have been implemented using a reporting library for Ruby called ‘Ruport’. This library supports generating CSV as well as PDF versions of the reports and our site too supports downloading CSV / PDF files of the reports. The report functionality is restricted to the administrator user.



There is also a change in the way donations are accounted within the system. All donations made to United Prosperity are accounted as donations from the user’s account. When a user makes a donation which also involves a partial transfer through PayPal, a transaction within the system first tracks money deposited by the user into his account through PayPal (This transaction has a PayPal reference # which can be traced back to PayPal) and another transaction tracks moving the money from the user’s account in United Prosperity to United Prosperity account



Whats Coming…

I would also like to talk about one of the interesting features under development. Soon, you will be able to login into our site if you have a Google / Yahoo id or a blogspot URL or any other OpenID identity. The OpenID standard is promoting the idea of an Universal SSO, where multiple web applications can be accessed using a single userid/password.



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